How To Mail In Your Payment

We are offering a generous 15% discount for cash or money orders mailed into our PO Box. If you choose to send a Money Order, please make it out to 'Shy Molecule Inc.' and sign your name on the appropriate signature line. Nothing else needs to be written on the money order.


You can mail your cash or money order payment to our locked PO Box.


Shy Molecule Inc.
PO BOX 7594
Delray Beach, FL 33482


Please continue dreading below for step-by-step instructions and a brief FAQ.


CASH or Money Order Payments

Step 1 : Add all of your desired items to your shopping cart. Enter coupon code ‘15off’ (no quotes) in the coupon code box and press ‘APPLY’. This will give you the total price for your order, with the 15% discount.


Remember, the 15% discount does not apply to the shipping cost, as that is a fixed cost.


Step 2 (cash): Securely wrap the cash in a couple sheets of paper, so it is not visible from the outside of the envelope.


Step 2 (money order): Purchase a money order for this amount. You can purchase money orders from the post office, western union, etc.


Step 3: Either print your shopping cart page, or hand-write a list of your total order on a separate piece of paper. Ex. (1) 120-count Tizor pellets, (1) bottle of Pinzor liquid. Be sure it is legible, and include your full name and address.


Step 4: Mail your cash or money order, along with your order to:


Shy Molecule Inc.
PO BOX 7594
Delray Beach, FL 33482


Please make sure to include your Full Order, Full Address, Your Email Address




Question : How long does it take for you guys to receive my payment?


Answer : The time line varies. It depends on where you are mailing it from and with what method. If mailing your order via first-class mail, it can typically take anywhere from 2-7 days.


Many of our members choose to mail their payment via priority mail, or even express mail. It reaches our PO Box much quicker if you send payment this way, and you receive a tracking number on your end.


Question : How long will it take you to ship my order?


Answer : We ship ALL orders within one-business day upon receipt of your order. Very often it ships out the same day that it lands in our PO box.


Question : Will I get a tracking number for my order?


Answer : Absolutely! We will send a tracking number to you upon request. All orders ship with full tracking.


Question : What if my payment gets lost?


Answer : We've been accepting payment via Money Orders and cash for almost 1 year, and have NEVER had a single payment get lost. If you are concerned, simply mail your payment with tracking, so you can see exactly when it is delivered.



***Payments are mailed to our locked and secure PO Box. If you request any type of signature confirmation, it will cause significant delays with your order, and your payment may be returned to you.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at: